Whew! Are we ever hoping this a website page we can remove forever!

2020 and 2021 have been the years of Covid19. Never in all of our living memories has there been anything like what we've experienced.

It goes without saying that the foreseeable future will be unlike anything we're used to.

Businesses throughout the world have been forced to change.

Highlander House embraces all the health recommendations to keep our guests safe and secure.

Understandably, for most of 2020/2021 we've not been able to take any bookings at all, but we live in hope of a return to some normality.

As described on our web page setting out why we think you'll love Highlander House (Why HH), we've already ripped out all guest room carpeting and replaced with ultra-clean hard flooring.

Above and beyond set guidelines, our virus combat strategy, from a social-distancing perspective, includes:

  1. With zero virus alert, you're free to enjoy the common areas for meals and socialising, something we hope will revert to being the normal because it is you, your personality, that makes Highlander House rock.
  2. With governmental virus alert guidance, we may be forced to separate guests between the two breakfast rooms.
  3. Under extreme guidance, we may be required to insist guests accept breakfast in their room (with this in mind, your room is already configured with a charming dining-nook)
  4. Highlander House is fortunate to have rooms on 3 floor levels. In a worst case situation, it's quite possible for you to be the only guests per floor level. Smoo Cave is already it's own ground floor level, as is Iona on the upper level. The four guest-rooms on the 1st floor would then only be available to family units not required to socially distance from themselves.

As mentioned before, Highlander House embraces YOU, our guest. Your safety, security and well-being is our paramount importance.