We're always learning from our guests

Providing our guests with the perfect stay is our sole objective. It's by listening to our guests that we gain so much valuable insight, and what contributes to Highlander House being a boutique B&B. We don't do standard, we don't do average...and we're always listening to you, our valued guests.

A few months ago, treasured guests remarked that they drank more tea than average and that they'd really appreciate a lot more tea and a container of fresh milk in their guest room, as opposed to the standard UHT milk pods. This was a revelation for us...and we immediately purchased teeny mini fridges for each guest room. Not only can they accommodate a couple of 250ml bottles of wine, but also fresh milk and the quintessential Scottish can of Irn-Bru!

After a recent not-so-pleasant experience, when, with complete disrespect to ourselves and ensuing house guests, this person felt suitably "entitled" to not give a damn by smoking in the guest room (rendering the room out-of-commission for a week with loss of associated revenue), we learned a positive out of the bad experience.

Smoke detectors, by design, won't necessarily detect cigarette smoke or vaping in a room especially if the activity takes place in a bathroom with the fan operating.

But now, all guest rooms are equipped with Air Quality Monitors, in addition to the sophisticated interlinked smoke alarms!

These amazing little Air Quality Monitors supply 24/7 temperature, humidity, Co2, Particulate Matter and VOC readings to our central console and phone app, allowing us to monitor and take corrective action when readings reach adverse levels. (Humidity too high = switch on the dehumidifiers; temperature too low = up the room heating; CO2 levels a bit high = investigate; PM and VOC levels abnormal = someone is smoking/vaping!!)

It's now no longer possible to smoke or vape in the bathroom to evade a guest room smoke detector, in the hope that the bathroom fan evacuates evidence. The elevated PM and VOC readings recorded by these sophisticated Air Quality Monitors allows us to immediately identify and charge transgressors with a cleaning-fee before they're ejected from Highlander House...and our following guests won't have their precious planned stay adversely impacted by an uncaring, entitled jerk.

All our guests deserve superb air quality in our guest rooms.

To be honest, it's only a matter of time before these clever little monitors are industry-standard, but we're so happy they're NOW installed at Highlander House for your guest room air quality.