Why HH?

Yes, why Highlander House?

Everyone knows the Scottish West Coast is exceptionally beautiful. And, the Isle of Bute is the most accessible west coast island with easy connections from Glasgow.

A quick 35 minute ferry crossing to the Isle of Bute, and you arrive in Rothesay, offering a great choice of guest houses and B&Bs.

Not the ferry, but the historic and magnificent Waverley paddle steam ship (viewed from Highlander House) can be your choice of arrival and departure in season.

So why choose Highlander House?

Our simple answer:

At Highlander House, you have all the charm and history of a Victorian manor home dating back to 1851, but your guest room has been massively upgraded to offer you features you'll struggle to find even in top hotels.

On the waterfront, a ten minute walk along the promenade from the ferry terminal and downtown attractions, at Highlander House you're perfectly positioned to explore Rothesay and the Isle of Bute.

Highlander House's guest rooms have been completely and newly renovated to offer you a superb experience:

  • superior in room entertainment with big screen internet-linked 4k or ultra-high definition smart TVs
  • bedside and sitting area wall-sockets, linked via high-speed internet cable to super high-speed internet (wifi is, of course, available but if you need secure speed, it's on tap)
  • hdmi wall sockets linked to high definition TVs, facilitating easy simple plug-and-play XBox/Playstation to TV interface
  • carpet-free guest rooms
  • your own intimate in-room dining areas with views
  • superior designer bathrooms

When embarking on our massive upgrade of Highlander House, we constantly thought of guest room amenities and experiences that would surprise you with value for money.

With this in mind, at Highlander House, it was out with the old dust collecting bits and bobs that make a house so hard to keep clean, and in with some crisp new decor to entice you...plus a major project to introduce high speed cable and some high-tech enjoyment to all rooms.

Relax in front of the fireplace in the main living room
For a more intimate relaxation, curl up with a good book on the chesterfield in the Safari room

Covid upgrades

Shockingly, when we took over this old establishment there were still carpets in all the bathrooms! We ripped that carpeting out immediately.

Covid forced us to think outside the box on many aspects at Highlander House. As a result of the pandemic, you will be justifiably more conscious and concerned about your surroundings in a guest house.

So, we made some major changes.

Carpets in ALL guestrooms have now been ripped out and replaced with all new hard flooring. Combined with some non-slip easy-clean rugs, we hope it will tick your boxes. It looks fab and contributes to a cleaner and virus-repellent environment.

Highlander House, with one of Rothesay's stunning sunsets reflected in the windows

Technology upgrades

The huge project to introduce high-speed internet cable to all rooms has allowed us to offer you:

  • superior, and massively more varied, TV viewing options on your guest-room big screen TV;
  • bedside plug-in points for you to patch your business laptop directly into secure high speed connectivity;
  • the facility to plug your Xbox, PlayStation or laptop directly into a bedside HDMI wall socket and game away on your room's big screen high def TV.
  • the opportunity (with a USB to HDMI adaptor), to patch your tablet or phone direct into your guest room big screen TV via the bedside HDMI wall socket

You'll not need to visit a communal lounge for big screen TV viewing. Most Highlander House guest rooms have 50 inch TVs offering you a superb choice of 4K, high definition viewing...and the exceptional choice of internet TV viewing. (Don't worry...regular standard UK TV is also available at the push of a button).

And, of course, Highlander House breakfasts...

At Highlander House we offer you the famed Scottish breakfast with a healthy twist: same delicious ingredients, but with minimal use of oil. Wherever possible, we grill rather than oil-fry. Breakfast options other than full-Scottish are, of course available and will be offered to you either before or on arrival.

You'll discover that the newly revamped Highlander House is a substantial cut above the rest,

and particularly appealing to you if:

  • you desire a premium guest room experience at a fair tariff,
  • superior in-room internet connectivity options rock your boat,
  • and you enjoy the fun choices that large screen internet-linked high definition TVs can provide you,
  • a spacious well-appointed sanctuary with in-room dining facilities attract,
  • a carpet-free guest room (ensuring ultimate cleanliness) is a must, and
  • a spotless, newly renovated designer en-suite bathroom ticks a box