Dolce Gusto Mini-me coffee machine operating instructions:

  • Ensure the machine is plugged in and turned on at wall socket
  • Please ensure the water reservoir is filled (it will have been filled just prior to your arrival)
  • Press the power button on top and wait for it to stop flashing and turn solid green
  • Raise the visor and remove the pod tray
  • Select your desired coffee or chocolate pod and insert into the tray
  • Reinsert the tray into the machine.
  • Close the visor (which results in the high-pressure needle piercing the foil cap of the pod).
  • Using the adjustable bar, select the amount of water to be dispensed. The top of each individual pod depicts the recommended slider-bar setting for that drink (2 bars for espresso through to 7 bars for a full americano)
  • Push the upright lever to the right for hot (left will deliver a cold drink)
  • The lever will automatically revert back to its original position once the amount of selected water has been infused through the pod. You can stop water delivery at any time by manually pushing the lever back to its rest position.

Mmmmmm. Enjoy your coffee or hot chocolate!

Your selection varies from time to time, but usually available are:

  • Americano Intenso (great, strong, full-bodied)
  • Espresso (can easily be made into a full mug of coffee by simply raising the slider bar to 7 instead of 2)
  • Hot Chocolate (not necessary to add milk as the pod has a milk component)
  • Lungo decaffeinated